Welcome to the Home of Innsfree Ranch Coffee

Specializing in Dark Roast Coffees

Do a good thing AND get some great coffee.
Great Coffee, Shipped Quickly (Usually)

Usually? Yes, we try to ship quickly but we will not ship stale coffee. So, if your order comes in on the day before we roast, we’ll ship a day or two later so you always get fresh coffee beans.

Do you wonder about the old site? Well, there wasn’t much interest in talking about rebuilding the ethics in our country. Too bad. But, on the plus side, there will be no more political discussion here. It’s a place to get great coffee. Period. Oh, I might add some fun things but no politics.

What? You want smaller bags? I sell only in five pound bags. Why? Cost. By the time I package and ship a two pound bag, the cost is nearly the same as sending 5 pounds. That said, if you only want two pounds, buy the five pound bag and throw away as much as you’d like. Problem solved.

Why don’t I offer more varieties? Because you really don’t want them. My customers want dark roasts and a few want premium Kona. So that’s all I sell. Okay, I might add a couple of flavors for the holidays.

How long have I sold coffee? I sold coffee from my office in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1987. When I moved to the country, people wanted, demanded, the famous Innisfree Coffee so I’m still here.

Most of the money goes to doing things for people—this is a sideline for me. When you buy this coffee, you do things for other people. That’s all I’m going to say about that. And no, don’t ask for donations. That’s up to me and I keep it quiet (most of the time). My coffee has been all over the world, mostly to members of the military. I do what I can afford to do. You can, if you’d like to, sponsor coffee for someone. I’m happy to send 5 pounds in your name…(You pay for it of course)

—Chris Reich

Stay Tuned! I’m adding new coffees because some beans just aren’t what they used to be. I have a brand new organic French Roast that is wonderful! And I’ve added a new earthy and exotic organic blend that is sure to please.  I’m adding some new surprises soon!!!